Selena Gomez Nude Body Positive Campaign

8 months ago

Selena Gomez nude

Selena Gomez appears to pose fully nude to promote body positivity for women in the photo above. Clearly with this on and off pic Selena is trying to convey that she “stunning and brave” because she is just as comfortable barely covered in her underwear as she is when completely naked.

Selena Gomez ass

Of course this comes as no surprise, for Selena has always had no qualms about showcasing her blubbery butt in swimsuits…

Selena Gomez cleavage

As well as her sloppy titties in extremely low cut dresses.

The fact that women in the West like Selena think that it is courageous to show off their sinful sex organs like this speaks volumes about how hopelessly backwards and barbaric the infidels have become. For the holy Qur’an is very clear that a woman’s bare flesh is a blasphemous sight, and she must feel great shame at even the thought of her body ever seeing the light of day.