Jennifer Lopez Nude InStyle Magazine Outtakes

4 months ago

Jennifer Lopez nude Instyle

Jennifer Lopez is grabbing headlines with the salacious nearly naked pics above from the new issue of InStyle magazine, and now it appears as though the nude outtakes from this photo shoot have been released online.

Jennifer Lopez nude

It really is amazing that at 65 years old Jennifer Lopez can still pass for a tranny who is in her late 30’s and just beginning to transition.

Jennifer Lopez nude

This is especially impressive considering that Jennifer is a Puerto Rican woman who are notorious for aging about as well as a jug of yak’s milk left out in the hot desert sun.

Of course to maintain her toned appearance Jennifer Lopez follows a strict diet and workout regiment… This regiment no doubt involves shooting up with her former baseball player boyfriend Alex Rodriguez’s steroids before putting on an enormous strap-on and vigorously pegging him in his gaping homoqueer anus hole.