Gal Gadot Fully Nude Assault

Gal Gadot nude

Actress and Jewess Gal Gadot launches a heinous ocular assault against our righteous Muslim eyes, as she brazenly flaunts her sinful Shebrew sex organs in the fully nude photo above.

Unfortunately this sort of vicious and vile attack is nothing new for Gal Gadot, for as you can see from the video clip above she spent much of her mandatory military service in the Israeli army going into the Gaza Strip and exposing her body in a bikini to drive out the pious Palestinian populace.

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Since that time Gal has continued her sinister sluttery with her hard nipple pokies in pics like the ones above, and tight round tuchus in tights in the photos below.

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Clearly Gal is employed by the Israeli Mossad, and charged with a secret mission to torture and torment us Muslims with her blasphemous body (with this nude photo being the latest in a long line of war crimes). That is why we are officially referring Gal Gadot to the UN Human Rights tribunal for her crimes against humanity, so that she can be tried and executed post haste in accordance with international law.