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The Top 5 Celebrity Spanking Scenes

It is an undeniable fact that women need to be bent over and spanked hard at least once a day, for as it says in the holy Qur’an “spare the rod, spoil the wife”. Not surprisingly in the barbaric Western world the backsides of females generally go unbeaten, thus explaining their poor behavior and the high number of sandwiches that go un-fetched.

Smug celebrity starlets are an especially egregious group when it comes to a lack of butt bashings. That is why it is so satisfying to see them being put in their proper place, when they finally get their posteriors paddled on film… And so with that in mind we have compiled the top 5 celebrity spanking scenes into the list below.

#5 Rose McIver – “iZombie”

#4 Dakota Johnson – “50 Shades of Gray”


#3 Maggie Gyllenhaal – “Secretary”


#2 Jessica Alba – “The Killer Inside Me”


#1 Keira Knightley – “A Dangerous Method”


Nicki Minaj “Trollz” Boobs And Booty Bounce Remix In 4K

The ultra high definition video above features rapper Nicki Minaj’s busty boobs and bulbous booty bouncing scenes from her “Trollz” music video remixed and enhanced.


Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj

No doubt Nicki’s enormous undulating udders and big brown blubbery backside will spark another wave of “Black Lives Matter” protests across the US, as demonstrators take to the streets in anger over George “Fentanyl” Floyd being robbed of the opportunity of seeing this video.

Yes, those who knew gentle George will tell you that when he wasn’t out committing armed home invasions he loved him some “big fuckin titties and a fat ass”, so he certainly would have enjoyed Nicki doing her thing in this video… I know I personally won’t be able to come to terms with George missing this breast and butt bouncing until I smash up a Best Buy, and loot enough high-end electronics to heal the pain. Who is with me?

Top 12 Nude Celebrity Masturbation Videos

Heathen Hollywood starlets are all self-obsessed narcissists, so it certainly should come as no surprise that they are chronic masturbators as well.

To further illustrate this point we have compiled the top 12 nude celebrity masturbation videos into the epically depraved list below.

#12 Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

“Jag” star Catherine Bell rubs one in on tape about 30 years too late to be enticing.

#11 Carly Pope

Carly Pope

“Suits” and “Arrow” star Carly Pope playing DJ with her VJ.

#10 Analeigh Tipton

Analeigh Tipton

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “Two Night Stand” star Analeigh Tipton horny and flicking her sin bean.

#9 Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

“The Bold and the Beautiful” soap opera star Ashley Jones buffin’ her muffin.

#8 Kelly Rohrbach

Kelly Rohrbach

Model and the “Baywatch” movie star Kelly Rohrbach diddles her skittle.

#7 Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza

“Parks and Recreation” and “Legion” star Aubrey Plaza paddles her pink canoe in front of a mirror.

#6 Amber Heard

Amber Heard

Movie star Amber Heard spanks her kitty while talking dirty.

#5 Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland

“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland shaking hands and then dildoing her lady taco

#4 Jillian Murray

Jillian Murray

“Code Black” and “Sonny with a Chance” star Jillian Murray repeatedly shucks her sex oyster.

#3 Abigail Ratchford

Abigail Ratchford

Model Abigail Ratchford dildos, vibrates, and finger bangs her cock pocket.

#2 Abigail Spencer

Abigail Spencer

“Suits” and “Grey’s Anatomy” star Abigail Spencer vigorously polishes her pussy pearl.

#1 WWE Paige

Paige WWE

And the undisputed champ of jilling off is none other than WWE wrestling diva Paige, as she works all three holes and dirty talks in the extensive self-pleasuring video below.

Anna Kendrick Sick Fetish Sex Scene

Anna Kendrick face sitting

Anna Kendrick partakes in a sick fetish sex scene in the video clip below from her HBO series “Love Life”.

This sex scene certainly illustrates the depths of depravity of Anna’s deranged mind. For what sort of a freak would get off on having a man nibble on the end of her skirt while she teabags his chin with her panties covered pussy mound?

Clearly Anna Kendrick is one salacious sicko who has been around the block so many times that she is looking for obscure ways to jump-start her degenerate desires… Of course it never occurs to Anna to try getting her kicks by wearing the holy burka and behaving like a chaste and demure woman… Which is a shame because at the very least the obscuring of her fugly face would greatly increase the sexual pleasure of all of those around her.

Gina Gershon And Jennifer Tilly’s Nude Lesbian Sex Scene From “Bound”

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we take a look back at Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly’s nude lesbain sex scene from the 1996 film “Bound”.

Gina Gershon Jennifer Tilly nude

Gina and Jennifer’s titty squeezing and finger banging in this scene was the gold standard for heathen Hollywood starlet lesbodyking for many years… Until the #MeToo coup came along allowing feminist butches to seize control of the studios, and require that every film feature some sort of sinfully unnatural girl-on-girl love making.

Of course Gina Gershon spent her career being typecast as a cunt crazed rug muncher (due to her nasty case of “resting bitch face”, and the fact that her name is two letters short of spelling vagina), as she even fondled Elizabeth Berkley’s boobies in the scene above from the extremely depraved classic “Showgirls”.

Jessica Pare Nude Scene Enhanced In 4K

Jessica Pare nude

The video below features “Mad Men” star Jessica Pare’s (in)famous nude scene from the film “Hot Tub Time Machine” enhanced in ultra high definition.

Seeing Jessica’s gigantic Gallic jugs in this remarkable quality certainly reminds us righteous Muslims that she is in desperate need of a Sharia stoning.

Jessica Pare nude

Of course as a French actress Jessica has more than one nude scene, as she also showed off her bulbous boobies in the obscure film “Stardom” in the video clip below.

Thankfully Jessica’s time tormenting us pious Muslims with her titties will soon be coming to an end…

Jessica Pare sexy

For not only has her acting career completely dried-up, but the holy Islamic caliphate of Franceistan is nearly at hand… As soon as the grand new Notre-Dame mosque finishes construction the great purge will begin, and the cowardly French frog natives will be easily led off to the guillotines.

Bruna Trindade Full Frontal Nude Scene From “Heteronimo”

Bruna Trindade nude

Brazilian actress Bruna Trindade masturbates her sin slit in the graphic full frontal nude scene below from the film “Heteronimo”.

Despite being a lecherous Latina, Bruna Trindade has two redeeming qualities… The first is that her forehead is so clownishly large that she will be difficult to miss with the Sharia stones of justice… And the other is that she clearly is a fan of this holy Islamic website, and is fiddling her sex bean while reading our righteous Muslim prose on her cell phone in this nude scene.

Of course this comes as no surprise, for according to our proprietary Muslim analytics software, 56% of Celeb Jihad’s visitors are horny heathen hussies who vigorously pleasure themselves to our superior digital masculinity. And while these shameful sluts have been too intimidated to contact me directly to offer their sexual services, I am conscious of their depraved desires every time that I post.

Camila Mendes Anal Sex Tape Video

Camila Mendes ass

The video below appears to feature “Riverdale” star Camila Mendes filming an anal sex tape.

It certainly comes as no surprise to see Camila getting her Spanish shit box stretched in this sex tape, for she has been brazenly flaunting her lecherous Latina booty quite a bit lately.

In fact, after seeing the way that Camila parades around her bulbous backside it would be shocking to find out that she wasn’t an anal obsessed “backdoor beauty”.

Camila Mendes sexy

Of course if Camila truly wants to get her rectum ravaged she should bend over for a virile Muslim man. For our mighty meat scuds would tear through her sphincter like wet tissue paper, and pulverize her innards with its powerful thrusts.

x.Leah.x0 Training To Lick Her Own Butt Hole

xLeahx0 sexy

As you can see in the video clips below, Instagram star x.Leah.x0 is training to become the first person in history capable of licking their own butt hole.

If Leah is able to accomplish this remarkable feat and slide her tongue up her shit coated sphincter she will certainly go down as the greatest female athlete of all time…


xLeahx0 xLeahx0 xLeahx0
xLeahx0 xLeahx0 xLeahx0
xLeahx0 xLeahx0 xLeahx0

However, even if Leah fails to tongue tickle her tight tush she can find solace in knowing that she has acquired the flexibility needed to accommodate the tremendous girth of a Muslim’s enormous manhood… And I can assure Leah that one day soon she will get deep dicked by virile tunic snakes… Provided that she agrees to lick our gigantic hairy ball satchels during the act… And then give herself a facial with the creampie afterwards.

Kate Nash Nude Scene From “Glow” Color-Corrected

Kate Nash nude

The video below features British singer turned actress Kate Nash’s nude scene from the Netflix series “Glow” color-corrected and enhanced.

This is yet another illustration of the base mindset of not only the English, but Western women in general… For when Kate Nash failed to make it as an “artist” with her music, she immediately fell back on showing her sloppy tit sacks for shekels in Zionist controlled heathen Hollywood.

Yes, instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that she is a talentless twit whose only value in life is that of a collection of moist holes made for pleasing a man and producing him babies, Kate continues to believe that she is so special she belongs in Showbiz. Thankfully the Sharia stones of justice will be able to straighten out this severe lack of self-awareness.

Alice Eve Nude Scenes From “Crossing Over” Enhanced In 4K

Alice Eve nude

The video below features the uncropped director’s cut of Alice Eve’s iconic nude scenes in the film “Crossing Over” enhanced in ultra high definition.

As you can see, Alice blasphemous bulbous boobies have never been clearer as they bounce around and heave up and down in these nude scenes.

Alice Eve nude

Naturally special attention was given to Alice’s (in)famous tit flopping while putting on her shirt scene, as it has been smoothed and looped in the video below for maximum effect.

Yes there is no denying that Alice Eve’s sickeningly sinful behavior in this film has earned her a Sharia stoning when Islam finishes conquering the West. The only question is whether the Islamic high council will permit motor-boating of Alice’s breast bags before the lapidation begins.

Top 15 Celeb Nude Scenes From 1970-1975

CelebJihad researchers have just compiled the top 15 celebrity nude scenes from 1970-1975 into the video above.

As you can see from this video, these were simpler times in heathen Hollywood as there was still a handful of heterosexual males running the industry, and women did not have bolt-on titties, blubber injected booties, and meth head prison tats scribbled all over their body.

If you are one of our pious Muslim brothers still using a Nokia cell phone, and want to conserve your data plan to detonate roadside bombs, you can view the photos below of our list (which is presented in chronological order).

Angelique Pettyjohn – “The Curious Female” (1970)

Angelique Pettyjohn nude

Jennie Lynn – “Getting Into Heaven” (1970)

Jennie Lynn nude

Karin Wieland – “Schoolgirl Report Part 2” (1971)

Karin Wieland nude

Terry Gibson – “The Pig Keeper’s Daughter” (1972)

Terry Gibson nude

Françoise Pascal – “Burke and Hare” (1972)

Françoise Pascal nude

Pam Grier – “Hit Man” (1972)

Pam Grier nude

Phyllis Davis – “Sweet Sugar” (1972)

Phyllis Davis nude

Helen Mirren – “Savage Messiah” (1972)

Helen Mirren nude

Alice Friedland – “Please Don’t Eat My Mother” (1973)

Alice Friedland nude

Brigitte Bardot & Jane Birkin – “Don Juan” (1973)

Brigitte Bardot Jane Birkin nude

Suzanne Somers – “Magnum Force” (1973)

Suzanne Somers nude

Uschi Digard – “Truck Stop Women” (1974)

Uschi Digard nude

Colleen Brennan – “Alice Goodbody” (1974)

Colleen Brennan nude

Gloria Guida – “Blue Jeans” (1975)

Gloria Guida nude

Beatrice Harnois – “Lips of Blood” (1975)

Beatrice Harnois nude

Bella Thorne Nude Shower Video

Bella Thorne nude

Former Disney star Bella Thorne flaunts her nude body in the newly released shower video below.

Sadly this isn’t the first, second, or even third time that we have seen Bella Thorne’s puffy pink nipples and tight round ass (as you can see in the compilation here), but these are certainly the most up-close and high definition shots of her blasphemously bare female flesh to date.

Bella Thorne sexy

Of course Bella did not stop at just showing off in the shower, as she also played with her pussy in the photo above while wearing the turquoise bikini from the video below.

Clearly Bella is one depraved degenerate who can not get enough dick… Unfortunately for her the only thing us pious Muslims are going to bang her with are our righteous Sharia stones of justice.

Margot Robbie Masturbation Scene Enhanced

Margot Robbie masturbation

The video below features an enhanced version of Margot Robbie’s spread eagle masturbation scene from the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Originally this scene called for Margot to not be wearing panties, but after a few test shots resulted in the lighting director and key grip contracting nasty cases of ocular gonorrhea, public health officials stepped in and ordered Margot to wear nude colored underwear for the safety of all involved.

Margot Robbie nude

Of course whether Margot’s legs are open or closed, she certainly knows how to strike a slutty pose. Unfortunately she has yet to be filmed naked performing the most halal of postures on her hands and knees… But that will certainly come in time… Whether it be in a movie when her career starts to fade, or in an ISIS execution video with a black clad mujahid standing behind her with a scimitar.

Annie and Alicia Sorrell’s Twincest Nude Scene From “Cruel Intentions 2”

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we take a look back at twin sisters Annie and Alicia Sorrell’s controversial nude shower scene from “Cruel Intentions 2” remastered and enhanced in the video above.

Annie Alicia Sorrell nude

While there is certainly no denying that “Cruel Intentions 2” is a masterpiece of cinema, Islamic legal scholars are torn over whether Annie and Alicia’s twincest in this nude scene is a crime against Sharia law or not…

For the holy Qur’an is very clear that incest is a permissible practice, and blasphemous self-pleasuring is extremely haram and punishable by flogging. However, since Annie and Alicia are identical twins it is difficult to say whether this falls under sibling sex or sinful masturbation… No doubt this a debate that will rage on for many years to come, as clerics painstakingly pour over this footage in their private chambers to work out a definitive ruling in this case.