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Emilia Clarke Anal Sex Birthday Celebration

Emilia Clarke sexy

Emilia Clarke appears to have celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday by getting her anus hole opened in the anal sex video below.

Of course the only surprising thing about this Emilia Clarke anal experience is that her ass appears to still be remarkably tight… For one would have thought that after being a brazen whore in heathen Hollywood for years now her rectum would have been completely wrecked at this point.

Perhaps for Emilia’s 34th birthday she should try having her sphincter stretched by a Muslim’s massive meat scud… It would certainly be serendipitous, as at that point in her life she’ll already be required to wear Depends adult diapers anyway.

Emilia Clarke cum facial

Yes, time has certainly flown by, and Emilia Clarke has now blossomed into a decrepit old degenerate who takes dick in her dumper.

Emilia Clarke tits

In the years to come it will be interesting to see if her tits begin to swing even lower, for they are already at the point where they are considered a serious tripping hazard.

Emily Meade Nude Doggy Style Sex Scene From “The Deuce”

Emily Meade nude sex

The video below features Emily Meade’s latest nude doggy style sex scene from the HBO series “The Deuce” expertly color-corrected and enhanced using our proprietary A.I. (Advanced Islamic) video editing software.

As you can see from this video, Emily Meade does an excellent job of conveying the utter disinterest Western women experience while being meekly sexed by the pathetically teeny tiny weenies of their infidel male lovers.

Emily Meade nude sex

You better believe that if it were a virile Muslim man in this sex scene, tears of ecstasy would be streaming down Emily’s face as he took her pussy hole to “Pound Town Station” on his tunic snake train… In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I had sex with a woman and she did not cry during it… And afterwards for that matter.