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Naomi Scott Nude Outtakes From “Aladdin”

Naomi Scott nude

The photos above and below appear to feature nude outtakes of actress Naomi Scott playing “Princess Jasmine” in the new live action Disney movie “Aladdin”.

Naomi Scott nude

As you can see, the photos of Naomi on the left are from the blasphemous heathen American version of the film, while the photos on the right are from the much more halal Islamic special edition.

Naomi Scott nude

In the Islamic version, all of Naomi’s lines have been cut, and she is portrayed as a fancy concubine instead of a princess. Also Will Smith’s “genie” character has no Satanic magical powers and is simply an annoyingly mouthy (more historically accurate) abid slave boy.

I won’t reveal any spoilers about Naomi Scott’s fate in the Islamic release, but let us just say that she learns the importance of wearing a burka and that the Disney CGI wizards do an excellent job of recreating an acid attack to a slut’s face.