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Dixie D’Amelio “F***BOY” Porn Music Video Remix

Dixie D'Amelio sexy

The video below appears to feature a porn music video remix to TikTok star turned singer Dixie D’Amelio’s new single “F***BOY”.

Dixie certainly has a lot of nerve shit talking about the coveted position of “fuckboy”… Or as we like to call them in civilized Islamic world “bacha bazi”… For they perform a vital role in Muslim society, and have anus holes far tighter than Dixie’s skanky leather pants in this music video…

Dixie D'Amelio nude

Speaking of which, Western women like Dixie would not be lamenting the fact that men only want to use them for sex if they weren’t all such brazen whores who go out prostituting their blasphemous female bodies without a burka. For as it says in the holy Qur’an, “why buy the goat when you can milk your tunic snake in it for free”.

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