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Charlotte Hope Full Frontal Nude Scenes From “Game of Thrones” Enhanced

Charlotte Hope nude

Charlotte Hope’s full frontal nude sex scenes from “Game of Thrones” have just been color-corrected and enhanced in high definition in the video below.

Charlotte’s sinfully silky smooth sex slit, perky pink titties, and tight tushy have been brought to life like never before thanks to this enhanced video.

Of course Charlotte’s most erotic scene from this series was when she gets tossed off of the rampart by the emasculated infidel eunuch Theon, as there is nothing quite as salacious as seeing a sinister slut get her comeuppance… That is why I am sure that at Charlotte’s inevitable Sharia stoning I will be pitching a tremendous tent in my tunic.

Alexandra Daddario Nudes Color-Corrected

Alexandra Daddario nude

Alexandra Daddario latest nude moments have just been color-corrected and enhanced in the screen captures above and below.

Alexandra Daddario nude

As you can see, the skin tones of Alexandra’s big breasted blasphemy have never been more accurately portrayed…

However, as you can see from the poorly lit and colored scene above of Alexandra wearing CDC approved coronavirus lingerie in the film “Songbird”, there is still more work to be done in exposing her demonic depravity in the future.

Alexandra Daddario sexy

For not only is Alexandra going to continue flaunting her sinful female body in films, but she has really stepped up her salacious sluttery on social media as well.

Morena Baccarin Nude Scenes From “Homeland” Color-Corrected And Enhanced

The video above features a compilation of Morena Baccarin’s nude scenes from the Showtime series “Homeland” expertly color-corrected and enhanced.

For those who have not seen this TV show, the first half of the first season of “Homeland” is actually quite halal… As it tells the story of a US marine who returns home committed to jihad after learning that Islam is the one true faith.

Unfortunately his cover is nearly blown before he is able to wear the martyr vest when he is unable to hide his righteous disgust, and maintain an erection around his filthy whore infidel wife (played by Morena Baccarin)… Luckily he resourcefully solves this problem by having Morena cut her hair short like a bacha bazi (dancing boy), and then taking her to Pound Town.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Scenes Color-Corrected And Enhanced Final Edit

The video above features our pious Muslim edit of all of Scarlett Johansson’s nude scenes from the film “Under the Skin” brightened and color-corrected.

Scarlett Johansson nude

This will almost certainly be the last time I work on these Scarlett Johansson nude scenes, as they can not be enhanced much more to reveal her sickening sin slit, flabby flapjack titties, and cottage cheese riddled ass.

Besides I am happy with the amount of blasphemously nude female flesh that I’ve been able to bring to light, and feel confident that it will one day lead to a shift and severe ruling against Scarlett in Sharia court… Speaking of which, infidels are always coming up and asking me, “Dukra, you are the greatest celebrity nudity editor of all time, and no doubt have a massive cock. How do you find the time and energy?”… To them I say that walking the righteous path for the glory of Allah makes all great things possible.

Phoebe Cates Nude Scenes From “Paradise” Color-Corrected

For this very special Thanksgiving version of “Throwback Thursday” we give thanks for what are perhaps the greatest nude scenes in heathen Hollywood history with the expertly color-corrected and brightened high definition video above of Phoebe Cates naked in “Paradise”.

Phoebe Cates nude

Of course Phoebe was famously 17-years-old at the time that these nude scenes were filmed which makes her still of a proper breeding age, and this video halal for us pious Muslims to watch and enjoy.

So I can say what a shame it is that no one makes movies of this caliber anymore, for the eroticism of Phoebe’s teen tits and ass in a cave is off the charts. If the infidel masses were not all impotent flaming homofag dorks obsessed with stupid superhero remakes, they’d demand that Hollywood return to making important films such as this one at once.

Diane Kruger Nudes Color-Corrected

Diane Kruger nude

The photo above of actress Diane Kruger fully nude from her early modeling years, has been colorized and enhanced using A.I. (Advanced Islamic) imaging software.

Not only have the brilliant scientists at Celeb Jihad Labs expertly enhanced Diane’s naked pic, but they also color-corrected and brightened Diane’s classic nude scene above from the film “Troy”.

Now it is easy to see why Diane Kruger’s tits launched a thousand ships while playing the harlot “Helen of Troy”… Of course the powerful Persian pre-Muslims would have sent 10,000 ships if the mission was to recapture Helen and stone her for being a blasphemous Jezebel who runs out on her husband with some fruity French Trojan named Paris.

Kate Mara Nude Color-Corrected And Brightened

Kate Mara nude

Kate Mara’s nude screen caps below from her (in)famous lesbian sex scene with Ellen Page in the film “My Days of Mercy” have just been color-corrected and brightened using the latest and greatest in Islamic artificial intelligence photo enhancing software.


Kate Mara Kate Mara Kate Mara
Kate Mara Kate Mara Kate Mara

It is simply outrageous that Kate Mara was foolish enough to think that she could get away with getting naked and lesbodyking with Ellen Page in the poorly lit scenes in this movie, and that us righteous Muslims would not use our immense genius to expose her titties in all of their depraved glory.

As we can see when compared to the original nude scene above, there is no longer any hiding for the heathen harlots behind low lighting and annoying colored overlays. For us dedicated Celeb Jihadists will lay bare their blasphemous boobs, just as we have done to Kate Mara.

Emily Ratajkowski “Gone Girl” Nude Scene Brightened And Color Corrected

Emily Ratajkowski nude Gone Girl

Some moments in cinema are just too important to allow the Zionists who run heathen Hollywood to ruin with their cheap Jew lighting, and Emily Ratajkowski’s classic nude scene from “Gone Girl” is one of those moments.

As you can see in the video above, this pivotal scene in which Ben Affleck buries his face between Emily’s bare breasts has been expertly brightened and color corrected to reveal Emily’s puffy pink nipples in all of their depraved glory.

Emily Ratajkowski covered nude

Of course nowadays Emily thinks she is too good to reveal her sex organs in front of the camera, so she is constantly releasing infuriating covered nude pics like the ones above and below instead.

Emily Ratajkowski covered naked

I guess having a big movie star like Ben Affleck slobbering all over her magnificent milk sacks really went to her head. Clearly what Emily needs is to have her tit toppers vigorously tongue lashed by a virile Muslim man, so they once again learn some humility and resume their proper role as masturbation fodder for the masses.

Lily James Nude Sex Scene Color Corrected In HD

Lily James nude

The videos below feature “Cinderella” and “Downton Abbey” star Lily James’ nude sex scene from the film “The Exception” expertly color corrected in high definition.

After seeing these Lily James nude scenes in their true color there is no denying that she is certainly no exception, and she is instead just your typical sloppy tittied Hollywood whore.

Yes Lily James can strip naked, bend over the kitchen table, and take it up her tight English ass all she wants. For when Islam finishes conquering the West there will be no exceptions made for her, as she we will meet the same fate as every other brazenly degenerate infidel harlot…

Which is of course a hasty trial in Sharia court followed by a vigorous stoning out in the public square. Thus is the will of Allah!

Nathalie Emmanuel And Carice van Houten’s Nude Sex Scenes Color Corrected In HD

Nathalie Emmanuel nude

“Game of Thrones” stars Nathalie Emmanuel and Carice van Houten show off their sickeningly sinful female bodies in the high definition color corrected nude sex scene videos below.

First up we have Nathalie Emmanuel’s nude sex scene, and as you can see unfortunately even with this superb color correcting one can not change her skin tone from Sub-Saharan shit brown to the halal mocha cream of a pious Muslimina.

For her part this color corrected nude sex scene allows us to truly appreciate Carice van Houten’s degenerate acting abilities, as she feigns erotic pleasure while riding the zipper of this hopelessly impotent infidel male.

As a bonus here is a color corrected version of actress Rosabell Laurenti Sellers’ nude scene. This is certainly one of the most pleasing of all the nude scenes on “Game of Thrones”, as even though Rosabell has blasphemously bulbous boobies her androgynous short hair makes her an excellent candidate for anal only concubine services in the harems of us virile Muslim men… Provided that she knows how to grunt like a young boy of course.

Emilia Clarke “Game of Thrones” Nude Scenes Color Corrected In HD

The video clips above and below feature Emilia Clarke’s “Game of Thrones” nude scenes expertly color corrected and in high definition.

Finally Emilia’s sloppy titties and dumpy ass can be properly denounced in their true color, and not obscured by the ridiculous lighting choices of homoqueer directors.

Of course it is easy to see why they tried to conceal Emilia’s true nude form, for her body is remarkably frumpy. In fact, after seeing these color corrected scenes it is certainly even more difficult to believe that a powerful Muslim warlord like Khal Drogo would grace Emilia’s sin holes with his potent Islamic seed let alone take her as a wife… Especially since we were already asked to stretch the limits of suspended reality with Emilia not even being close to the proper breeding age.