Carla Gugino Nude Ultimate Compilation

11 months ago

Carla Gugino boobs

As you can see from the nude compilation video below, actress Carla Gugino has had a long and illustriously depraved career whoring her bosomy breasts and bulbous butt in heathen Hollywood.

Of course it takes more than some big swinging tits and a fat ass to make it in Showbiz, as Carla has done so by mastering two specifically sinful roles (nearly always playing a horny lesbodyke or a saucy MILF).

Carla Gugino sexy

Unfortunately for Carla she will soon be cast to star in a role she is unfamiliar with in a Muslim movie tentatively titled “Stoning a Slut in Sharia Court”… And she can keep her dangling tit sacks and flabby booty under wraps, for the only wardrobe requirement will be for her to be buried up to her chest in the sand.